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Convenor: Rebekah Nichols    Phone: (07) 3716 2332 

Corinda State School is a uniform school, and we encourage all children to wear their school uniform every day. The wearing of a school uniform as a common standard of student dress promotes:

  • A sense of identity and belonging to our school
  • Ready identification of students attending our school
  • Removal of dress competitiveness amongst students
  • A serviceable dress standard that suits the purpose of daily school life

The Uniform Shop is located in the Half Hall building and operates on Thursdays from 8:15 – 9:00am. For details of COVID-19 Restrictions please contact the Uniform Shop via email

NB: Additional opening hours at the beginning and end of the school year will be offered. 

For full information about uniforms, please read the CSS_UniformGuidelines_2020_Approved.pdf

The current Uniform Order Form can be downloaded from the Related links menu or a printed copy may be collected from the office. 

Parents using the Q-Schools app can find the Uniform Order Form and information about Booklists in the Forms and Documents folder. 

How to Order:

1)     At the Uniform Shop during opening hours.


2)     Drop a completed Uniform Order Form into the "Uniform Order" box in the office foyer – ensure you have selected delivery method.  You may enclose cash or select the online invoice option for payment by bpay or credit card (see payment methods below for details). 


3)     Order via Qkr, our online ordering platform.  Please refer to the payment methods below for more details.


Payment Methods:

1)     Cash – We accept cash both at the Uniform Shop during opening hours or with orders dropped in the "Uniform Order" box in the office foyer. 


2)     EFTPOS/Credit Card – This payment method is accepted at the Uniform Shop during opening hours.


3)     Qkr – Online Ordering – This is our current online payment method.  We do not accept written or emailed credit card details. 

  • Please follow the instructions in the "How to" document (from the Related Links menu) to install and use Qkr.  Once you have set up your profile and your student profile/s you can immediately start use.
  • Qkr is available 24/7.
  • ·All orders are delivered to class on Thursday mornings each week.  The cut off for your order to be delivered on Thursday is 8pm each Wednesday.  If your order is placed after this time it will not be delivered to class until the following week. However, if delivery is urgent please contact the shop during opening hours to make other arrangements.  

4)     Layby – This payment method is available for orders over $40.  Please refer to the Layby Agreement for further details.  This document can be downloaded from the Related Links menu.

Uniform Options

Please see the current  CSS_UniformGuidelines_2020_Approved.pdf. Or download the Uniform Order Form for available items and pricing.


Everyday Uniform – Prep-Year 6

  • Unisex Polo Shirt – short or long sleeve – with embroidered CSTAR emblem
  • Unisex Navy Sports Shorts (with embroidered CSS)
  • Girls Navy Sports Skort or Culottes (with embroidered CSS)
  • White (preferred), navy or black socks with black (preferred) or white shoes

Students representing the school in a sporting event are to wear their Everyday Uniform.

Sports House Uniform – Prep-Year 6

  • Sports house unisex polo shirt in either Dunlop (Blue), Francis (Yellow) or Moffat (Red)
  • Unisex Navy Sports Shorts or Girls Navy Sports Skort (with embroidered CSS)
  • White (preferred), navy or black socks with black (preferred) or white shoes

Sports house uniforms can be worn on Thursday as part of the Active Travel program, and also on days when students have HPE, cross country, swimming carnival and athletic carnivals.


Senior School Uniform – Years 4-6 only

  • Senior Shirt in Regular Fit or Tailored Fit. (Long or short sleeved options)
  • Navy Shorts with CSS embroidery or long pants
  • Navy Culottes with CSS embroidery
  • Sports Skorts or Sports Shorts.
  • White (preferred), navy or black socks with black only shoes

This is an alternative uniform to the everyday uniform and can be worn on any days when students are not engaged in HPE or Dance lessons, or sporting events at school.

PLEASE NOTE: The transition of the new Senior School Uniform began this year in 2021 and will continue over two years.  In 2023 it is expected that all senior students will wear the new Senior Uniform in accordance with the current Uniform Guidelines. 

Winter Uniform

  • Navy blue zip up jackets with embroidered CSTAR emblem
  • Long sleeve Everyday Polo.
  • Navy blue long pants or tracksuit pants (no pictures or prints) – not available for purchase at the Uniform Shop, however can be purchased at stores such as Big W, Kmart, Target and Best and Less.
  • Navy Winter Tights/Stockings can now be purchased from the Uniform Shop – most popular sizes are in stock. Other sizes can be ordered on request.

All Winter Uniform items, with the exception of the long pants or tracksuit pants are available for purchase from the Uniform Shop.

Music Shirt

  • Students hire a music shirt, included in the cost of instrumental fees, to be worn at band and string ensemble performances.  This shirt is hired through the school office.

Year 6 Memorabilia Shirt

  • A year 6 specific shirt is available for purchase as memorabilia for the students' final year of primary school. This is non-compulsory and is only to be worn during a regular school day and at non-sporting events.  Ordering for this shirt is handled by the school office.


Cultural and Sun Safe Modifications

  • Long sleeve polo shirts available
  •  Long sleeve Senior Shirts available (limited stock in store, but can be pre-ordered if size unavailable)
  • Navy tights or stockings
  • Navy Hijab

All items are available for purchase at the uniform shop.


  • Earrings- sleepers or studs (girls) studs (boys)
  • Watches 
  • No Necklaces, unless of religious significance. These must be removed when participating in HPE or Sport            
  • No bracelets or bangles
  • No nail polish or make-up



  • All hair longer than the shoulder length must be tied up     
  • Hair ribbons and ties to be in school colours. The Uniform Shop will be trialling the sale of hair accessories from mid Term 3, 2020.
  • No dyed hair or patterned hair
  • No tribal or shaved hair  


Uniform Shop Extras

  • Hats – Slouch (broad brimmed) hat, Bucket hats in house colours
  • School Backpacks
  • Library Bags 
  • Neoprene Ipad Cases (BYOx program only – from Year 4)
  • Football/Soccer socks
  • Denim Chair Bag - years 1 to 3
  • Navy Chair Bag - years 4 to 6
  • Hair Accessories in School Colours
  • Swimming Caps – available for Term 4 swimming lessons, 2020.


Learning Resources

  • THRASS charts – Prep-Year 3 Booklist requirement.

Last reviewed 01 April 2021
Last updated 01 April 2021