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Mission and Values

Our School Philosophy

The motto of our school is “catering for the individual”. This is realised through our school creating and maintaining a safe, tolerant and disciplined learning environment within which our students prepare to become active and reflective Australian citizens with a disposition to lifelong learning. They will, in time, be able to participate in and shape community, economic and political life in Queensland and the nation. They will be able to engage confidently with other cultures at home and abroad.

Beliefs and Values

Fundamental to our School Wide Positive Behaviour Systems (SWPBS) is the understanding that all behaviour serves a purpose or function for the student. By enabling the student to get what they want or escape or avoid what they don’t want, behaviour is learned by the student as a way of getting their needs met. It is therefore difficult to change a learned behaviour, unless it can be replaced with a socially acceptable or positive replacement behaviour that enables the student to get their needs met more efficiently and effectively than the problem behaviour. The replacement behaviour is explicitly taught directly to the student, using standard instructional techniques, and the environment is altered to facilitate the use and practice of the desired replacement behaviour.

The aim of SWPBS support, therefore, is to build an environment in which positive behaviour is more effective than problem behaviour, enabling the student to have their needs met. This differs from traditional behaviour management in which the major focus is on the student’s problem behaviour and on stopping that behaviour through punishment.

At Corinda our SWPBS expectations are:

C – consideration

S – safe and smart

T – try our best

A – appreciate

R – respect