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Religious Instruction at Corinda State School

Corinda State School embraces a multitude of cultural, religious and non-religious beliefs and encourages students to grow and develop as a whole person, in particular, in beliefs, values and attitudes.
In the case of Religious Instruction, all students (except Prep students) are placed in
either religious instruction or other instruction according to the information provided on the Application for Student Enrolment unless parents have provided other written
instructions. Subsequent changes to your preferences around participation in Religious
Instruction can be made in writing at any time and forwarded to the Principal.
Members of the Anglican, Catholic and Uniting Churches combine to provide a co-operative interdenominational program in class groups. The “Connect” Program is approved and used by these participating denominations. Children that access the Religious Instruction program are supplied with a workbook for these lessons, at a cost of $10.00 for the year. Two workbooks are used during the year, one for each Semester.
Islamic Instruction is also offered in multi-age groups in Year 1-3 and Year 4-6 when
approved instructors are available. Resourcing costs for this program are confirmed by the instructor as required.
Currently the school conducts a 40 minute Religious Instruction lesson each fortnight on Friday during the first session of the day. Those children that do not participate in the Religious Instruction lesson are supervised by teaching staff in alternative locations throughout the school. These students undertake a revision of their class work, consistent with our DIRT mindset, or engage in independent reading activities.

For further information please refer to the Education (General Provisions) Act 2006.