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Principal's News

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Principal's News

Welcome back to school for 2021. A special warm welcome to new families joining the Corinda State School community.  I am delighted to be part of the Corinda State School team and have been made to feel very welcome by staff, students and parents. I am looking forward to learning about Corinda State School and getting to know all members of the community as we work together to do great things for our students. There is a calm and positive atmosphere about the school and I thank parents and carers, teachers and students for being so organised and ready to start the school year.

This year Corinda has also welcomed a number of new staff: Veronica Freeman PF, Kelly Roberts 1L and 1M,  Elka Hannigan 2H, Bree Larcombe 3A, Michelle Della Mattea 5F, Simone Hubbucks 6H, Macquarie Rankin 6R, Anne Keenan Strings Program, and Brett Crawford HOD Curriculum. I am sure everyone is helping ensure these new staff members settle in well.

It is wonderful to have parents on school grounds. We will continue to follow Queensland Health and the guidelines provided by our department in relation to social distancing and where social distancing is not possible, masks must be worn.

Our staff engaged in professional development and training on the student free days. Our School Improvement Priorities for 2021 are Assessment Literate Learners, The Australian Curriculum, Curious, Critical and Creative, and Connectedness and Character. These priorities will guide and align our practices for the year.

We will achieve the best for our students if we work together and form a strong school and family partnership. With this in mind, we are holding parent information sessions on Tuesday 9 February. To ensure we are adhering to our COVID safe practices we will be running two individual class sessions. Parents will be asked to socially distance in the room and where numbers make this impossible we request that masks are worn. Please remember to bring along a mask. The first session will start at 5:30pm and the second session at 6:15pm. The second session is a repeat of the first and this also enables families with more than one child to attend two different sessions. These sessions provide a great opportunity to hear about Corinda SS and also about the classroom routines in 2021.

Have a wonderful week.

Carmel Herbert

Acting Principal

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A/Deputy Principal's News

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Managing Behaviours and Building Positive Relationships

Welcome back to what I know will be another fantastic year at Corinda SS. We are fortunate to have a number of new families and staff joining our community this year and I look forward to building these relationships as the term unfolds.

I would like to share a Paul Dix conversation framework with you that our staff use to help students unpack their behaviours in class and on the playground. It is a framework that can be used at school and at home, so please feel free to adopt some of this language if you feel it will be useful.

As we guide students and help them to manage their behaviours, please remember that in-between our truth and their truth is the truth.

Paul Dix’s Restorative Five is a conversation framework for adults to use with children to help them understand the impact of their behaviour on others. Five questions is enough.

Next time you are working through behaviours with your child, you might like to choose your restorative five questions from the suggestions below.

  1. What happened?
  2. What were you thinking at the time?
  3. What have you thought since?
  4. How did this make … feel?
  5. Who has been affected?
  6. Have you been affected?
  7. What should we do to put things right?
  8. How can we do things differently in the future?

For younger children

  1. Who else has been affected?
  2. What can we do to make things right?

When children clam up

  1. “OK, imagine if there were … (people affected/ a way of putting it right/ things you could do differently). What would they be?”
  2. 1-10 scale: “On a scale of 1 to 10, how upset/ angry were you?”
  3. Offer a postponement of some support if the child is not ready to speak: “I can see that you’re not quite ready to talk. Do you need a minute or two or would you like to meet tomorrow and have … (your teacher) sit with you and help you with the answers?”

Punishment doesn’t teach better behaviour, restorative conversations do.

Paul Dix, When the Adults Change Everything Changes.

Natalie Scott

A/Deputy Principal

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Sports News

Published by Corinda State School

Cross Country dates

Fingers crossed but, at this stage, we’ll be returning to a normal sports calendar this year, including district carnivals. There might be some changes to business as usual but I’ll keep you posted as information comes to hand. Our Junior and Senior Cross Country will both be held in Week 6 of this term. More information, including timetables, will be posted in the newsletter in coming weeks.

 Junior Cross Country (Prep – Yr 3) – Tuesday 2 March

Senior Cross Country (Yr 4 - 6) – Thursday 4 March

Interschool Sport

Interschool Sport will begin for our Year 5 and 6 students on Friday 5 March. Students will get to choose between Soccer (mixed), Basketball (boys), Touch Football (girls) and Netball (girls). There will be a cost of approx. $35 to cover buses for students involved in Basketball, Touch Football and Netball. Please have a discussion with your child around the sport they would like to participate in this semester.

Corinda is quite unique in that all students in Years 5 and 6 participate in an Interschool Sport. While some teams have a more competitive mindset, many teams participate to learn new skills, develop teamwork and enjoy some extra time participating in physical activity. Your support with this is greatly appreciated.


I will once again be teaching Personal, Social and Community Health this year as this is an essential part of the HPE curriculum. For Years 1-6, this has already started and will run for approximately 6-7 weeks (in conjunction with cross country practice during lessons) before we commence our outside PE lessons. Our Prep students will complete their Health unit in Term 4.

Kilometre Club

Kilometre Club recommenced this morning and will be held on Monday and Wednesday mornings each week. Interested students are to meet Mr Doherty at the top of the stairs near the music block at 8:00am.

For those new families, the purpose behind this activity is to provide students with the opportunity to get more physical activity into their days.

For about 20-25 minutes each morning, students can make their way around the course (approx. 400m). Students can choose to spend the time running or can simply walk around with friends, enjoying the morning sun.

At the end of each session, we’ll record how many laps each students did and, as the weeks progress, we’ll be able to tell each student how many kilometres they’ve run/walked in total as well as how many kilometres the students of Corinda SS have travelled.

This is open to all students from Prep through to Year 6.

This is a great opportunity for students to train in preparation for our school Cross Country. In particular, I encourage all students who are aiming to make our school team for the district carnival to attend some of these sessions.

Please note: There will be no running club on Wednesday 10 February.

Eastern Taipans District Sports

As always, Term 1 is full of trials for Eastern Taipans District sports teams. Once again, I’ll endeavour to get information out to students on a regular basis but this is not always possible. If you have a child who excels at a particular sport, please send me an email ASAP outlining your child’s history of involvement in the sport. Spots in district teams are highly competitive so in order to attend these trials, students must be playing at a high level outside of school.

A reminder that due to the size of our districts, we are once again limited by the amount of students we can send to trials (usually only two) so, particularly for the popular sports, it is likely that we will be required to hold trials at a school level to determine our school representatives.

Trials for the following sports will take place this term:

Friday 12 February – 10-19yrs Squash (girls and boys)

Tuesday 23 February – 10-12yrs Basketball (boys)

Monday 1 March – 10-12yrs AFL (boys)

Wednesday 3 March – 10-12yrs Basketball (girls)

Wednesday 3 March – 10-12yrs AFL (girls)

Thursday 5 March – 10-12yrs Basketball (girls)

Thursday 11 March – 10-11yrs/11-12yrs Netball (girls)

Friday 12 March – 10-12yrs Hockey (boys)

Wednesday 16 March – 10-12yrs Touch Football (boys)

Wednesday 17 March – 10-12 Hockey (girls)

Monday 22 March – 10-11yrs/11-12yrs Rugby League (boys)

If you have any questions about anything to do with our HPE program, please contact me –

Kieran Doherty

 P E Teacher

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Corinda P & C News

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Welcome back to school for 2021,  I hope you had a wonderful break. Whether it’s your child’s first year in Prep, your child’s last year of primary school, or somewhere in between may this year be a wonderful year full of learning and adventures. 

To all the new parents and carers we look forward to meeting you and you becoming a part of the school community. The P&C is committed to supporting our school and kids. Our school is as strong as everyone’s contribution and the Corinda SS P&C aims to provide a range of opportunities for you to enjoy connecting with your school community. There are many different ways you can help to make our school great, big and small. A survey will be coming out via email later this week to get some feedback and ideas on what the school community would like to see from the P&C this year.  

A few important P&C dates –

First meeting will be 7.00pm on the Tuesday 16th of February  

AGM will be on the Tuesday 16th of March. Both these meetings will be held in the library.

The uniform shop has now returned to normal hours, a big thank you to Bek and her team for the last 2 weeks of hard work. Uniform shop is located in the Half Hall building and operates on Thursdays from 8:15 – 9am. Online ordering with QKR!, cut off for weekly delivery is 6pm Wed. If you order after that time your order will not be delivered to the classroom until the following Thursday.

The tuckshop opened last week with the introduction of QKR replacing Flexischools. Thanks to Keith for all his hard work to get QKR up and running. Our usual Tuckshop days will continue to operate each Wednesday to Friday.

Both the tuckshop and uniform shop are always looking for volunteers to give a bit of time throughout the year.

Please sign up at  Volunteer Sign Up

Please feel free to contact the P&C any time  at

Again a big happy welcome back to 2021, we hope the year has started off well and look forward to the year ahead!

Natalie Clarke

P&C President




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Chaplains News

Published by Corinda State School

A hearty and warm welcome to our new and returning students and families. I hope you all enjoyed your holidays and are looking forward to a year that will be somewhat different to the last. No doubt there will be challenges but there will also be joys. Our community is strong and caring and we celebrate achievements and also face obstacles together.

To those who don’t know me, I have been serving as Corinda State School chaplain since April 2009. I am also wife of a senior teacher, a mother of 6 adult children, and Oma (Dutch grandmother) to 2 grandchildren. To say it’s a privilege to be your school chaplain would be an understatement.  I am truly humbled by the trust you have in me and the friendships we share. My days here are Mondays and Fridays and my rooms are in H block, next to the Uniform shop. Please pop in, or call the school if you would like a visit with me and let me know if I can be of any service. I will always hear you and value your stories and the opinions and words of your children.

It’s so lovely to be with the students again. Their enthusiasm, caring and happiness is evident as I walk around the school. Today some of our wonderful mothers helped me with sorting second hand uniforms, stationery, games, toys and books in the Chappy Playroom, which adjoins my office. I had wondered when I would have time to do all this and had been hoping that today I would get some help. I strongly believe in the power of HOPE. Like faith, trust and joy, having hope means there is always something to look forward to and always someone to surprise and delight me with their kindness.

I hope you have a fantastic first term.

Kindness, Hedy (Chappy Mrs V)

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School Road Safety

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Term 1 Parent Calendar 2021

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Community Notices

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